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yorkshire viaduct

Famous for its tea, fish and chips, puddings and rolling hills; there are many reasons to visit England’s largest county. Here at Sykes Cottages we love nothing more than a visit to God’s Own Country to explore and #DiscoverYorkshire in all of its beauty. Whether it’s a ride on Wensleydale Railway through the countryside or adrenaline-fueled outdoor activities with Lost Earth Adventures; there are plenty of ways to uncover Yorkshire’s hidden gems.

In need of inspiration? Well, we’re here to help. Here are our top 10 reasons as to why you should visit Yorkshire…Right now!

1. The views aren’t half bad

Yorkshire Dales Views

2. Neither is the tea

Yorkshire Tea

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3. Or the fish and chips for that matter

fish and chips

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4. It’s called God’s Own Country for good reason

gods country

5. And they aren’t short of railway viaducts

Ribblehead Viaduct

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6. Or quaint villages


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7. There is a wealth of history

whitby abbey

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8. And friendly wildlife

yorkshire sheep

9. The beaches aren’t too shabby

Yorkshire Beaches

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10. Neither is the weather

Yorkshire Weather

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Still in need of inspiration? For more great reasons to Discover Yorkshire watch our video below.


#DiscoverYorkshire by browsing through our selection of over 400 handpicked properties in the region.

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