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It’s no secret that here at Sykes Cottages, we’re big fans of Cornwall – it’s one of the prettiest places in the UK! Yet Cornwall is not just a pretty face; it’s now considered to be one of the top foodie hot-spots in Britain, famed for its tasty local produce and talented chefs. To celebrate the culinary delights of Cornwall, we’ve launched our Discover Cornwall campaign, with mouth-watering guides and videos showcasing some of the best places to eat in Cornwall.


Tim’s cameo in our Discover Cornwall video

Light Colour Sound is the company behind these fantastic videos (which will make you really, really hungry). They also produced our incredible Hidden Cornwall video last year. We caught up with Cornishman, Tim Boydell, the managing director of Light Colour Sound, to get a sneak peek behind the scenes of our Discover Cornwall videos.

Breakfast diner Cornwall

Breakfast at Mimi’s, St Austell

Hi Tim! Why did you choose the places that appear in the videos?

The main inspiration here was local food by local people – finding those amazing characters for one, but also the quirky and truly Cornish locations. We also wanted to pick a good variation of places so that each film would have smaller, local businesses alongside five-star restaurants. Healthy foods were also important but, hey, we’re all suckers for a fry-up!

Were there any places that you wanted to include that didn’t make the final cut?

There were quite a lot actually! We wanted to film mid-summer so places were busy and in good light. Some places just couldn’t handle a film crew around during these times – a lot of the smaller places that we loved wouldn’t have been able to fit the camera in! Hence, we filmed a few places as blank canvases so the viewer could make up their own ideas. We missed the famous Hedgehog Ice Creams at Chapel Porth as well, which was a shame.

What places were your personal favourites during filming? Did you get to try any of the food?!

Snails Pace Cafe, Cornwall

Filming at the Snail’s Pace Cafe

Oh yes we did! I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t an opportunity for myself and the crew to be a little indulgent! My personal favourite was meeting the guys at Snail’s Pace Cafe. For health and sustainability reasons, they stand out a long way. Another highlight was Seaton Beach Café; they have done such an incredible job in only a few months to get a really cool, quirky place back up and running. The storms almost took the beach away, let alone the restaurant sat on it! There were a few other highlights; Kynance Cove Cafe is breath-taking – a must see! The Cabin Beach Cafe at Perranuthnoe – amazing people and amazing food. Rick Stein’s Restaurant (not take away!)  Honestly, I didn’t know what perfect fish and chips were until we went here. Finally, the best pasty in Cornwall at Sarah’s Pasty Shop in Looe. We can’t forget Waffelicious though too, he’s a really cool guy and the food is tasty!

Sennon, Cornwall

Filming in Sennon, Cornwall

We noticed Arfa, the star of Hidden Cornwall, popping up a few times! Were many of the places you visited dog friendly?

Most places in Cornwall are dog friendly. We came back after the first shoot and Arfa was on us immediately. He knew we had been out eating food and he wasn’t happy. He had to come next time with his pal, Storm, too.

Why do you think Cornwall is so popular with foodies?

Well I have to say, living here I maybe didn’t realise how good we have it. Cornwall really does have all ends of the scale. Great food is one thing but there are also great locations on top of that. There are some of the best places to eat in the country here, I’m absolutely sure of it.

Pigs in Cornwall

Filming the pigs!

Are you much of a cook yourself?

I am indeed. I like to wing it and throw a bit of this, bit of that in. I’ve had some major mistakes but also the odd surprise. For me the best dish is local, own caught bass; a bit of chilli, a few herbs, on the BBQ. You really, really cannot beat it.

How long did Discover Cornwall take to film?

It took two months on and off to film. This was a really hard shoot in all honesty, as there were so many variables – getting the people, the places, the weather. We didn’t want to be driving back and forth so it was really important for us to do a whole section at once. Scheduling around working businesses was a long way from easy but in some cases it made for more locations as there were at least five places we just found on the way!

What can you tell us about the technology and music used in the film?

Farm, Cornwall

Filming on the farm

This shoot was always going to be more about the food and the people. We wanted to show a few places off using our drone, Cinehawk. We also wanted to introduce the areas with aerial footage as the contrast from south to north is very different. We filmed using two cameras: a Sony FS700 for the main camera, utilising the amazing super slow motion and then a backup camera, a Panasonic GH4. Both cameras were shooting in 4k which is all the rage these days. With that we can re-frame shots and generally get a better picture for our online HD acquisition. The music was made in-house by our talented sound design guy and music producer, Sam from Boyde Music. We wanted to make a bespoke track with smooth transitions and good vibes. I always ask Sam for something unique and he comes good every time.

 One last, very important foodie question! Jam or cream first on a scone? 

Well, interestingly on this food tour I tried – wait for it – a Cornish Cream Tea with cream for the first time! It’s true, I’ve never had one!  I thought I didn’t like cream but I was persuaded into it at the Riverside Cafe in Helford as they looked so good, and what do you know… I love ‘em! Jam first I’m afraid!

You can watch the main video above but you’ll also find four other videos focusing on North Cornwall, South Cornwall, West Cornwall and Bodmin Moor & Tamar Valley, on our Discover Cornwall page. Don’t forget to let us know what you think via Facebook or Twitter! We’d love to hear your thoughts on all the places featured and if there’s any hidden gems that you think we may have missed!

Choose from our fabulous places to stay in Cornwall to find the holiday perfect for you. Also discover a whole host of different things to do in Cornwall, for all tastes and interests.

Image Credits: Chris Combe(CC BY 2.0)

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