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The National Trust has long been praised for its preservation and renovation of our much loved historic properties. With visitor attractions conveniently located throughout the UK, the National Trust has provided some of my most memorable days out! However with such a wide choice of attractions so readily available, choosing which historic property to visit can sometimes be a little tricky. So here at Sykes cottages we’ve compiled a list of our favourite counties to visit for National Trust properties in the hope that you’ll feel inspired on your next UK holiday.


Penrhyn Castle

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North Wales is a tourist hotspot. Its rich history and charming culture attracts visitors all year round, even when it gets a little bit wet (as Wales so often tends to do). If it’s history you’re after then look no further than Penrhyn Castle. This spectacular 19th century castle boasts a wondrous Victorian walled garden, exciting guided tours and its renovated kitchens as well as a classic railway museum. If you’d like to explore Wales’ history whilst keeping the children entertained then why not visit Plas Newydd on Anglesey. This stately manor offers stunning paintings and marvellous architecture as well as, in my opinion, one of the nation’s best adventure playgrounds; but make sure you get a map from the visitors centre as the playground is hidden in the trees!


Buckland Abbey

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The county of Devon is renowned for its vibrant coastal towns such as Torquay and Ilfracombe and is the perfect getaway for tourists in the summer months. This delightful county is home to some inspiring National Trust properties which are perfect for exploring on a lazy sunny afternoon. Buckland Abbey is an iconic building and makes for an excellent photo opportunity. The museum at the abbey is home to some cultural treasures and children will love to view the legendary Drake’s Drum, which Sir Francis Drake took with him when he travelled around the world. For an alternative to the seaside we would suggest a visit to Castle Drogo, the last true castle to be built in England! The castle is currently undergoing renovation but don’t worry as there is still plenty to do and see with new exhibitions to try out and beautiful grounds to explore.


Lyme Park

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The charming county of Cheshire is known for its stunning farmlands and dramatic Roman history. As well as the excitement of Chester’s town walls and amphitheatre, the county also has an elegant and tranquil side; this can be seen at the beautiful Lyme Park. This wonderful house and its gardens are home to the Legh family who allow visitors to step back in time to the Edwardian era and enjoy a leisurely stroll through the 1,300 acre estate. If you are looking for a more hands on day out then you’ll want to visit Tatton Park. This fantastic estate is the perfect place for children, with a working farm, adventure playground and den building zone, it really allows them to get out there and experience nature first hand!

These are some of our favourite areas to visit for National Trust properties and luckily we have a wide selection of holiday cottages near to National Trust attractions which would be perfect for anyone looking to book an exciting holiday for 2014. So visit our website or call one of advisor’s today and give yourself a little something to look forward to in the New Year!

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