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Damp, dark and dingy are three words not commonly used to describe a holiday, unless of course you rent a room in a crummy hotel. Thing is though, there’s lots of places in the UK that could be described thus that are perfect for a family day out. Puzzled? Don’t be, because we’re here to tell you about Britain’s best caves and where you can find them.

With weird and wonderful names like Wookey Hole, Rhino Rift and Mother Ludlam’s, it’s little wonder that Britain’s caves have been drawing huge numbers of fascinated families for such a long time. Our caves, caverns and grottoes show remarkable insight into the subterranean world that exists beneath our feet, and there are around 80 discoverable cave systems beneath England’s surface alone. Here’s a look at three of our favourites.

White Scar Caves, North Yorkshire

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

First discovered in 1923 by two amateur geologists, White Scar Caves in North Yorkshire is a great example of a solutional resurgence cave system- whatever that means! Comprising a massive boulder aptly labelled ‘Big Bertha’ as well as other oddly named features like Jailhouse Rock and Taffy Turnip’s Trepidation, White Scar is one underground attraction that ought not to be missed. The cave is open to the public everyday during spring and summer, so why not pay this magnificent hole a visit on your next trip to Yorkshire.

Poole’s Cavern, The Peak District and Derbyshire

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Buried beneath the surface of Buxton’s beautiful country park, Poole’s Cavern is a 2 million year old limestone cave system thought to be one of the Peak District’s most prized underground gems. Featuring crystal stalactites and stalagmites, as well as several immense chambers, Poole’s Cavern was designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest in the 60’s, and is rumoured to have been a favourite day-out destination for Mary, Queen of Scots. The site is open every day whatever the weather, so pencil in your next visit to the Peak District.

Carnglaze Caverns, Cornwall

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Located on the cusp of Bodmin Moor, Carnglaze Caverns is an extensive former slate mine with a unique and fascinating story to tell. Open in all weathers, Carnglaze is one of the only self-guided show caves in the UK, making it an exciting day-out for curious families. The cave features an enormous illuminated lake, as well as evidence of mining practices which predate the industrial revolution. Above ground, enchanting woodlands lead to the summit of Quarry Wood where visitors will find a spectacular panorama overlooking St Neot’s village- the perfect place for a picnic on a summer’s day!

Go caving on a cottage holiday!

With summer set to be the hottest on record, we understand that descending into the depths of one of these gloomy caverns may not sound that appealing. But should the rain fall or the kids spend a little too long in the sun, these subterranean attractions truly are a great place to explore. We feature cottages to rent in Cornwall, Yorkshire and the Peak District that would make the ideal base for a caving holiday in the UK, so check out our website today!

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