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This year, Sykes Cottages is delighted to be partnering with An Elf For Christmas, a magical family tradition that can grow through the ages with your children. Inspiring creativity, encouraging kindness and good behaviour, and most of all creating wonderful memories for your children, these adorable Elf toys are suitable for any age.

Sent from the North Pole on December 1st, Elf has been sent on a special mission from Santa to report on good behaviour and let him know if children are on the Naughty or Nice List. However, at night while everyone is asleep, Elf gets up to all kinds of funny mischief which children are sure to delight in.

A lovely tradition, An Elf For Christmas helps keep excited children on track with good behaviour. Elf is sent with a Magical Reward Kit including motivational notes and certificates for good behaviour.

Elf For Christmas

Claim your free Elf Book with Sykes Cottages

This year, we’re offering an exclusive discount for our customers wanting to join in the fun. Choose your Elf from just £17.50 and get a FREE Elf’s First Adventure Book (RRP £5.99) – this is exclusive to Sykes to bring a little festive cheer! Order your very own Elf and don’t forget to quote ELFSTORYSYKES to claim your free book (one free book per order, offer ends on Christmas Eve). You’ll need to add the book to your basket first then apply the code.

To get you started and give you some ideas on mischief your Elf could get up to, we’ve listed some suggestions below. A little planning means you don’t have to be creative each night, simply print out an Elf Antics Planner and fill in with some or all of our ideas below. Don’t forget to schedule the ideas that require a little more effort on weekends or when you know you have more time.

We know it’s not easy being a super parent, so whether you feel a little frazzled with the Elf Antics or you want to celebrate being ever so clever, we’re also offering our customers a saving of over £60 on 12 stunning Christmas wines including an award-winning Prosecco with Virgin Wines. Get your wine supply ready for Christmas- yours for just £4.99 a bottle.

An Elf For Christmas Ideas

1st Dec- Elf Arrives. Elf arrives with a letter to explain who he is, box to fill with unwanted toys and “snow” covered doughnutsAn Elf For Christmas

2nd Dec- Elf on the Shelf. Elf is tucked up on a shelf with a book or knick knack

3rd Dec– Bathroom Mischief. Elf is somewhere in the bathroom, perhaps making a mess with toothpaste

4th Dec– Hot Chocolate Party. Elf brings all the supplies and sets up for a family hot chocolate party

5th Dec– Making a Mess. Elf has made a mess – maybe in the kitchen with sprinkles or flour, or in the living room with toys

6th Dec– Family Time.  Elf has made a list of his favourite Christmas activities (you can download one from An Elf for Christmas here or make your own) and ticked one to do today.

7th Dec– Storytime. Elf gathers round his favourite toys to read them a story

8th Dec– Snow Angel. Elf makes a snow angel out of flour on the kitchen counter

9th Dec– Toasted Marshmallows. Elf has toasted a mini marshmallow on a tea light

10th Dec– Christmas Tree. Elf has pulled out the Christmas Tree and is sat in the baubles and tinsel ready to decorate

11th Dec– Writing to Santa. Elf has started a letter to Santa and brought some special stationary for the kids to write theirs tooAn Elf For Christmas

12th Dec– Ziplining. Elf has made a zip line across the room and (using a candy cane and his velcro hands) he’s ready to enjoy the ride

13th Dec– Building a Snowman. Elf is found building a snowman out of 3 stacked toilet rolls with some card buttons to make their face and a hat

14th Dec– Hanging Lights. Elf is tangled in the Christmas lights

15th Dec– Rudolph Noses. Elf has used red dot stickers to turn himself and everyone in a family picture into Rudolph

16th Dec– Movie Madness. With a bowl of popcorn, Elf is in the living room ready to watch a Christmas film

17th Dec– Stocking Fun. Elf replaces the Christmas stockings with the children’s small socks

18th Dec– North Pole Breakfast. Elf brings all the supplies for a special North Pole Breakfast. We love pancakes!

19th Dec– Letter from Santa. Elf returns with a letter from Santa. Perhaps with a little flour or fake snow on the fireplaceAn Elf For Christmas

20th Dec– Marshmallows. Elf is hiding in a bowl of mini marshmallows or is maybe having a “snowball” fight with their favourite toy

21st Dec– Paper Airplanes. Elf can be found making paper airplanes – tiny for himself and big for the kids

22nd Dec– Toy Parade. Elf and friends are having fun in a parade

23rd Dec- Craft Time. Elf is doing a craft and has supplies for the kids to make a craft too! We love making Christmas scented brown paint (just mix paint with some dried spice like ginger or cinnamon) to make ginger bread men pictures. Or if you’re short on time with Christmas in onlya few days, simply print some colouring pages and activity sheets

24th Dec– Special Delivery. Elf brings all the ingredients for Santa’s favourite cookies to make with the children

Have you thought of a fantastic idea for Elf for Christmas? Let us know by sharing your ideas and pictures on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. We can’t wait to see the creative activities you come up with!


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