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As a talented bunch of musical heart-breakers once said, all you need is love. And, at Sykes Holiday Cottages, we couldn’t agree more.

With such drop-dead gorgeous landscapes right here in the UK, there’s more romance all around us than you can shake a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers at.

So, in the name of love, we sent a host of our most adorable winged cherubs out across the nation*, to discover the UK’s most romantic spots and learn the top 5 places for popping the question, as voted by you.

Take a peek at our map of the Top 5 Places in the UK to Propose

1. Lake District

thirlmere, lake district
Breath-taking fells, big skies, and shimmering waters forever enshrined in poetry. We aren’t at all shocked to see that the Lake District came in as your top place for getting down on one knee. If that weren’t enough, it was also voted the UK’s most romantic National Park, stealing almost a third of the polls.

Use our Lake District Travel Guide to make your cottage holiday an unforgettable experience.

2. Cornwall


Its famously beautiful coastline and inviting climes make this much-loved county a favourite choice for proposals. Whether its endless sandy beaches, hidden coves, or dramatic clifftops, the list of perfect spots are endless.

Be sure to use our Cornwall Travel Guide for further holiday inspiration.

3. The Highlands

Amongst the most awe-inspiring locations in the UK, it’d be hard to say ‘no’ to a proposal when you’re surrounded by the wild and rugged majesty of the Scottish Highlands. The mystical lochs, the vastness of the glens, the endless pine forests… we’re a nation in love with this stunning place.

Our Scotland Travel Guide offers ideas on how to spend your UK romantic getaway.

4. Yorkshire

People really aren’t exaggerating, when they call it God’s Own Country. The rolling hills and leafy dales, ancient cities, a phenomenal coast, and the bewitching allure of the sun-dappled moors (if they’re good enough for Kate Bush, it’s good enough for us). What more need we say?

Browse our Yorkshire Dales Travel Guide to discover the best things do and places to stay in Yorkshire.

5. Cotswolds

The chocolate-box idylls of the Cotswolds make us all weak at the knees. Its picturesque scenery looks as though it’s leapt straight out of a painting. Ancient woodlands, lush vales, and country lanes that wind through sleepy villages. Looking for picture-book perfection? Look no further than the Cotswolds.

Using our handy Cotswolds Travel Guide promises a visit to remember.

The UK’s Favourite Types of Proposal

How you do it is sometimes just as daunting as asking the question itself. The results may surprise you. According to those asked, heading out into the countryside was the top choice (21%) when asking the big question. Up next was a secluded spot (15%), followed by on a beach (13%). It just goes to show that simple and heartfelt proposals in peaceful, natural surroundings win the day over glitz and glamour, with only 1 in 10 people favouring locations like luxury restaurants.

What are the must-have extras for a romantic break?

Whether you’re planning to propose or you’re after an amorous getaway for two, it’s all about the romantic touches. Over two-thirds of those asked (66%) revealed that a woodburner or open fire would be a must-have extra on a romantic break, followed by a hot tub and a four-poster bed (both 48%).

Looking for a romantic getaway? Our handpicked cottages for two are perfect for an unforgettable break.

* Well, ok, not cherubs. Our friends at the Leadership Factor actually carried out a poll on 2,000 adults in January 2018. But we’re pretty certain some of them might be cherubs too.

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