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Here in the UK, we love our walking. We walk with friends and family, we walk with dogs (and cats…), but most importantly, we walk with ourselves. Or so I thought!  Last week, The Independent published an article testifying that a fifth of British adults never venture over 500 metres from their car! Safe to say, this statistic got me worried. Thankfully however, a wealth of tenacious wayfaring folk are set to change all this, by organising annual walking festivals up and down the UK dedicated to dragging us Brits out of the driving seat and back into the great outdoors. So if you’re interested in rediscovering the wonders of the humble walk for yourself, read on for a shortlist of the top walking festivals taking place across the UK this September.

 Welsh Valleys Walking Festival

Welsh Valleys

Via Flickr

Taking place between 7th and 22nd September, the Welsh Valleys Walking Festival offers the chance to traverse some of the best landscapes in Wales under the guidance of a knowledgeable and friendly guide. You’ll find an excellent range of walks catering to prospective hikers of any age or ability, helpfully colour coded on the event’s website so that you’re able to easily choose the walk that’s right for you. The event kicks off officially tomorrow, with walks happening in the Gelligaer & Methyr Commons, and will continue over the next two weeks at different locations throughout Wales. So if you’ve been pining for the chance to explore the Welsh valleys via walking boots, why not take a look at our range of last minute holiday cottages in Wales? You could be within a mile of your car a lot sooner than you think!

 South Pennines Walk & Ride Festival

Pennine Way

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The South Pennines Walk & Ride Festival is a bit of an oddity. This sixteen-day event (also starting tomorrow—7/09/2013) gives budding gadabouts the opportunity to explore the pastoral wilderness of the South Pennines by foot, bike or horse!  The festival includes events such as, ‘Between a Rock and a hard place’, an arty walk with visual artist Angie Rogers, as well as specialist Sky Ride cycling routes, making it one of the most fun and free-spirited events in the country.  Experience it for yourself with a self-catering stay at one of our nearby Yorkshire Dales cottages; the ideal place to put your feet up after a day in the walking boots!

 South East Cornwall Walking Fest

South East Cornwall

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If you’re ready to explore the delightful South East Cornwall on foot, keep reading. The South East Cornwall Walking Fest provides the perfect opportunity to stretch out those weary, pedal pushing limbs and learn a lot about this captivating region while you mooch. The event, which has been running for over a decade, features walks in some of Cornwall’s most coveted regions including the Tamar Valley, Bodmin Moor and the beautiful South Cornish coastline. Take a 2 mile stroll past the granite tors of Bodmin before stopping off at one of Cornwall’s top pubs for a well-earned pint. Or pack a lunch and prepare a flask for a 7 mile hike along the coast where you’ll discover quaint villages and mile after mile of stunning Cornish coastline. If you need accommodation during your visit, choose one of our self-catering holiday cottages in Cornwall. We’ve a number of great Cornish cottages for you to choose from, so you’ve no excuse but to get out and get walking in this magnificent region!

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