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As any holiday cottage aficionado will know, Castleton is one of the most popular villages in the Peak District. Dominated by Mam Tor, at over five hundred metres, Castleton sits at the natural meeting point of the gritstone area of the northern Peak District known as Dark Peak, and the less harsh limestone area of the southern part of the region referred to as White Peak.

The village’s proximity to the region’s renowned caves, Peveril castle, doorstep access to superb walking and outdoor sports plus good local amenities all in a pretty setting in the Hope Valley ensure that the town is extremely busy on summer weekends. Nonetheless, Castleton and its outlying hamlets make a perfect location for a holiday cottage stay. There are some good pubs in the village serving fine ale and hearty fare, shops selling local produce and a Farmer’s market is usually held on the first Sunday of the month.

Peveril castle, built following the Norman Conquest in the eleventh century, provides a superb vantage point for taking in the whole of the Peak District and is a popular visitor attraction. Also within walking distance of the village centre are the famous Peak, Speedwell, Blue John and Treak Cliff caverns. The aboveground scenery of the region is justifiably famous, but below ground a whole world opens up which is equally breathtaking, and makes for great wet-weather activity for families holidaying in the area.

Peak Cavern, known as Devil’s Arse, takes the breath away before even a step has been taken underground. The dramatic entrance cavern is gouged deep into the towering limestone cliff and is the largest natural cave entrance in Britain. Tours feature spectacular stalactite and stalagmite formations and eerie acoustics. Speedwell Cavern, at the foot of the vertiginous Winnat’s Pass heading out of Castleton, provides a tour of the underground terrain by boat, culminating in a vast cathedral-like chamber on a subterranean lake, whilst at the nearby Blue John cavern holidaymakers may visit some of the most spectacular cave systems in the country.  Here you can learn about the geology and mineralogy of the earth’s structure and see and purchase items made from the Blue John stone from which the cave takes its name. This mineral is both rare and very beautiful; the Romans discovered it at Castleton where it is still mined and produced into the jewellery and pottery to found in the local craft shops today.

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