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Yarmouth is a lovely place to visit on an Isle of Wight cottage holiday. Yarmouth is one of the larger towns on the Isle of Wight’s west coast, giving access to Lymington on the mainland and close to major attractions, such as the Needles Park at Alum Bay. Explore the town’s quaint, narrow streets, ancient castle built by Henry VIII, busy harbour and historic timber pier. Take a boat trip out around the stunning Needles; enjoy a brisk walk to neighbouring Freshwater, or tackle the longer Hamstead walking route to Brook. Visit Yarmouth Castle, dating from the sixteenth century, with lovely views out over the Solent, and the Fort Victoria Model Railway, two of Yarmouth’s biggest attractions.

Yarmouth, like Cowes, is popular with the yachting fraternity and the town’s annual Old Gaffers Festival see hundreds of gaff-rigged boats arrive in the late spring, and is always a hive of colour and activity, both on and off shore. The town’s summer festival each August features floats, parades, fireworks, live music and general family fun. The natural beauty above sea level rightly draws crowds to this part of the island – the unique geology that gives rise to the Needles and the multi coloured sand cliffs of nearby Alum Bay – but what goes on under the sea is also fun to explore at Yarmouth.

The Underwater Archaeology Centre serves up secrets from the Solent, as you discover shipwrecks, treasures and stone-age settlements, whilst the Fort Victoria Aquarium captures the surprisingly varied life from under the seas around the island, as well as hosting a separate tropical reef section featuring more exotic exhibits.

From the seas to the skies….Fort Victoria is also home to The Island Planetarium, a virtual reality space spectacular, and a host of inter-galactic fun. Experience the different shows in the giant space dome, take your longest ever walk following the Solar Trail, and enjoy the space science displays in the exhibition centre. Once the various attractions have been exhausted, Fort Victoria Park itself is a great place to relax, picnic, and enjoy both the woods and the shoreline. Hunt for fossils on the sandy beach, or follow the woodland trails and seek out the island’s famous red squirrels.

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