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Sykes Holiday Cottages have partnered up with What3words to help our guests reach the front door of our cottages as easily as possible.

Here at Sykes Holiday Cottage we have a catalogue of more than 17,000 holiday properties. With many of our properties enjoying fantastic, yet very remote locations such as North Wales and the Scottish Highlands, we are using What3words to help you reach your location with great ease.

Read on to discover how What3words can help you to those hard-to-find holiday destinations… 

How does What3words work?

With 171,476 words in the Oxford English Dictionary to play around with, the What3words team assigned each 3m square in the world a unique 3-word combination that will never change.

Guaranteed to be as accurate as GPS coordinates, What3words are easy to say and share with your loved ones. Simply download the What3words app, find your what 3-word address and expect to arrive at the exactly right place.

After booking your holiday cottage, you will receive a confirmation booking email containing your What3words. After downloading the What3words app, simply enter your 3-word address and arrive at the door of your cottage as easily as possible.

Using the What3words app to find UK historical landmarks

To give you some examples of how What3words works, we thought we would share hard-to-describe locations of some of our favourite UK landmarks.

1. Stonehenge /// awaited.passively.landings


By using the What3words map you are promised to find this off-the-grid historical landmark situated in the countryside setting of Wiltshire. Type in your 3 words app location and navigate your way to this striking monument.

2. Edinburgh Castle /// buck.ears.match

Edinburgh Castle

Dominating the skyline of the Scottish city of Edinburgh is this historic fortress. Despite being in your eye-line at all time whilst exploring the city, the castle entrance can be hard to locate so use the What3words map to find yourself at the fortress effortlessly.

3. Summit of Ben Nevis /// marble.messaging.hacksaw

ben nevis

Can you imagine being stranded on your way up to the UK’s highest mountain? Fear not, with the What3words app you can simply enter the three word address of Ben Nevis’ summit or locate the 3m square of your location to help the Mountain Rescue Team reach you if in an emergency.

4. Carrick-a-Rede /// desktops.quite.volcano


By using the What3words app you can look forward to discovering Northern Island‘s rope bridge landmark which was originally built by salmon fishermen in 1755. Let the three words app guide you across the bridge taking you across the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

5. Aber Falls /// hang.clashes.disgraced

aber falls

Hidden away in the Snowdonia National Park in a steep sided valley on the Coedydd Aber Nature Reserve this impressive waterfall can be hard to find. Enter the three word address of hang.clashes.disgraced into the app and enjoy the beauty of this natural landmark.

If you are looking for some hard-to-find cottages, take a look at our selection of isolated cottages, rural retreats or remote cottages and use the What3words app to help you locate the property comfortably. This is your time and we don’t see reason to waste a moment of your next holiday.

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