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Step into a world of medieval grandeur and timeless tales as we embark on journey through captivating Northumberland castles.

Famed for it’s breath-taking countryside and idyllic coastline, the county of Northumberland is also renowned for the majestic tapestry of castles woven throughout. 

From dramatic coastal castles, imposing countryside ruins and opulent residences, uncover a wealth of history and rich heritage at these Northumberland castles.

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Northumberland Castles FAQs

Northumberland has over 70 castles, with something for everyone to explore!

From castles towering over the coast and ruins set in the countryside to dramatic, fully restored castles dominating quaint towns; Northumberland is irrefutably the county of the castle.

Bamburgh Castle is the oldest castle in Northumberland. With roots dating all the way back to 547AD when Ida the Flamebearer began building the original stronghold. 

However, the core of Bamburgh Castle as we know it today was not erected until 1095. Making Bamburgh Castle over 900 years old.

Dunstanburgh Castle resting on the coast is the largest castle in Northumberland.

These impressive ruins, which enclose nearly 10 acres, still dominate the coastline and its imposing stature make it easy to see imagine this castle in all of its former glory.

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The Best Northumberland Castles

1. Alnwick Castle, Alnwick

Alnwick Castle

2. Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh

Bamburgh Castle

3. Chillingham Castle, Chillingham

4. Dunstanburgh Castle, Dunstan

Dunstanburgh Castle

5. Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island/Lindisfarne

6. Norham Castle, Norham

7. Prudhoe Castle, Prudhoe

8. Thirlwall Castle, Brampton

9. Warkworth Castle, Warkworth

Northumberland Castles Map

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