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Just Show Me Working Farm Cottages

Looking for somewhere different for this year's holiday, with lots of fun and fresh air guaranteed? Our working farm cottages might be the answer, found in delightful rural areas of the UK and Ireland.

Picture the scene for a moment. Today you're at the office, in-tray piled high and post-it note reminders all around. Or you're busy ferrying the children back and to from school, then on to brownies and football. Weekdays blur into one and, come the weekend, you've just two days to try and do that whole quality family time thing.

So imagine a whole week or two together, where alarm clocks are feathered and classmates rather furry. Simply pack casual clothing and a pair of wellies and you're ready to go!

Working Farm Cottages - life on the farm

Many working farm cottages are on dairy or sheep farms, so expect to get your hands dirty and help with chores - milking cows, bottle-feeding lambs, collecting eggs, mucking out stables and more. Other cottages are on arable farms, where you may help with harvesting e.g. fruit picking.

This 'good life' promises a firsthand view of the farming world and a truly rewarding experience. Surely reason enough to consider a working farm cottage for your next holiday!